Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preworkout Pump Up: Dubba Jonny - All In

Haven't been here in a while -- mother fucking finals. Owned 3 of them, got 1 more next week, but got some spare time. Still been on the grind, went hard as fuck last night and boutta hit up the gym. Check out this Dubba Jonny dubstep joint I just found.

Shit puts me in a mad good mood. Tryina party with those fucks

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Bout to head to the gym to play some ball. Switchin it up to some NY rap to get the game flowin through the veins.

Gotta brush up on that Kobe game. Best in the league and only gettin better. Fundamentally sound and a ridiculously cerebral game. He's got the other team's D torn up before he even gets the ball.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preworkout Pump Up: Pendulum - The Island (Steve Angello, AN21, Mag Vangeli Remix)

Finally done with class my people. Sucked fat balls but I came out on top as always. Gettin ready to hit the gym with some house. Saw Swedish House Mafia play this song live on Halloween down in the MIA @ Masquerade Motel. Takes ~3 minutes to drop so trust me if you've never heard this, give it time. Gets me pumped outta my fucking mind check it:

What are you waiting for?????

EDIT: They took the old video down, so here's a slightly different (shorter) version

Fuck Class, Stay Hard

Gotta head to class in a half hour for 3 hours of bullshit that I won't remember. Spark up and chill the fuck out on the way there to some classic laid back old school joints.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preworkout Pump Up: DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix)

For you dubstep fans --

1 scoop superpump + 1 scoop jack3d. gonna rip up my back/bis today. peace